You want to improve your health but the topical exercises never pull you up. You love adventure and always ready to face everything that comes in your way. If so then mountain biking can be a gem for you. Using a mountain bike for exercise gives you adventure as well as allow you to enjoy the stunning landscape views of the mountain. Mountain biking also has a wide range of health benefits.

Another interesting thing about mountain biking is don’t cost you a lot as like as other sorts of exercises do. You can buy a cheap mountain bikes and go straight on mountain biking without any further thoughts. If you still need a little motivation for mountain biking then keeps reading this article. We have discussed some of the interesting health benefits of mountain biking in below.Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

1.    Improve Hearts Health

The mountain biking is considered as a great exercise for your cardiovascular health. Mountain biking requires your heart to work thoroughly to keep you going. As a result, while you are riding a bike on the mountain, your heart rates increase significantly. This helps to strengthen your cardiovascular health which decreases the rate of coronary heart diseases. According to some studies, mountain biking can decrease the risk of coronary heart disease up to 50% and increase your heart health by 3 to 7%. Mountain biking can keep you safe from severe heart diseases like heart attack, cardiac arrest, diabetes mellitus, etc.

2.    Strengthen Your Legs

Your legs get the best workout while riding a bike. Mountain biking especially targets the quadriceps and hamstrings of your leg as they continuously contract in a sequence to pedal the bike.  While riding uphill, your force both your body and bike against the gravity resistance which helps you to build the hamstring and quadriceps muscles. Moreover, the gastrocnemius and smaller soleus muscles in your calves are also being targeted while biking. If you want to strengthen and build the leg muscles then there is no alternative of mountain biking.

3.    Safe and Low Impact Full Body Workout

Biking not only strengthens your leg but also provides a great workout to the other parts of the body. It’s a low impact workout but still very effective. Almost all the major muscle groups including legs, gluts, and thighs are being targeted and strengthened in the time of mountain biking. While riding a mountain bike you have to stay steady and secure to resist crushing. It helps you to improve your balance and coordination.  Interestingly, mountain biking provides a great full-body workout though it is one of the cheapest ways of exercising.

4.    Decrease the Risk of Diseases

You may experience bumps and bruises for a while when riding a bike in the mountain for the first time. But in the long run mountain biking can help you protect your body from diseases. Mountain biking targets important muscle groups of your body as well as strengthen your immune system. According to a research of the University of North Carolina, biking 5 days a week for 30 minutes decrease the chance of sickness when compared to the others who don’t bike. On the other hand, another study from the European Journal of Epidemiology says that cycling, as well as the other simple exercises on a regular basis, decreases the chance of breast cancer in women.

5.    Increase Brain Power

Cycling can grow your brain as like as it grows your muscle. In the time of riding a bike, our cardiovascular system increases blood circulation in the brain which brings more oxygen and nutrition in the area. On the other hand, cycling also boosts the protein production which is used for creating new brain cells. Regular biking can boost new cell production double or triple when compared to the normal peoples. Our neurotransmitter becomes much active in the time of mountain biking. As a result, the brain becomes much effective in communication while we ride on a regular basis.

6.    Refresh the Mind

Depressed, stressed, or whatever you are, mountain biking can help you to get rid of it. Just grab a mountain bike and ride for a while. I bet your mood will change within a moment. Mountain biking opens up stunning views of the mountain at every moment and you can’t resist yourself to stop going until you are tired. Basically, it gives you an escape from the reality for a while. Moreover, your mind stays busy and careful in the time of riding which also from a type of meditation which helps to fight mental imbalance in the long term.

7.    Improve Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Mountain biking is also a great way to boost your self-confidence. According to a Research of International Journal of Exercise Science, biking improves self-esteem in the sedentary people within a short time. While riding a bike in the mountain, you have to deal with rough terrain and dangerous turns. Dealing with these challenges grows confidence in your mind over the time which also helps you to deal with your real-life problems more efficiently. On the other hand, mountain biking keeps your body fit and increases your stamina which also keeps you confident all the time.

8.    Helps You to Sleep Better

Last but not least, cycling can also help you to improve your sleeping habit. Insomnia is one of the most common problems in our generation. Sleeping has a direct connection with your body fitness. According to a study at the University of Georgia in 8000 men and women, it becomes harder to sleep at night when your body becomes less fit. Mountain biking can help you to get rid of this problem. Riding a bike decrease the production of cortisol, a hormone which keeps you awake at the night. Moreover, mountain biking expose your to daylight and tires your body which also helps you to fall asleep quickly.

There are very few exercises like mountain biking which allow you to improve your mental and physical health at the same time. The cheap medium of exercise is worth trying to make your life a little better without spending a lot of time.


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