Are you have doubts and confusions about Dumbbell Lateral Raise Exercise? and Want to know the secrets behind this? Stick to this complete step by step guide which will clear you about the perfect form, different variations, and some hot benefits of Lateral Dumbbell Raises!dumbbell lateral raise

What is Dumbbell Lateral Raise Exercise?

Dumbbell side lateral raise in an exercise, that works for the different shoulder muscles.

There are many ways of doing lateral dumbbell raises and these ways includes:

  1. Seated dumbbell lateral raise
  2. Bent over dumbbell lateral raise
  3. Standing dumbbell lateral raise
  4. Incline dumbbell lateral raise
  5. Dumbbell laying lateral raise
  6. Front lateral dumbbell lateral raise

What is a Dumbbell?

It is an exercise instrument which is used for the exercises and usually, it is used for the side dumbbell lateral raises and rear dumbbell lateral raise. It helps to perform the side raise exercise and side lateral raise. For dumbbell side lateral raises you have to follow the steps carefully mentioned below. It can be a lightweight shoulder exercise and used for the arm raises with weight. Other benefits of this exercise include side weight lifts.

Stretching/Warm up Exercises before Shoulder Workout!

Stretching the muscles is very important to avoid Muscle Stiffness and Muscle/Joint Injuries. Stretching/Warm up exercises increase the Mobility of the body and will help in Avoiding Tight Muscles. Make sure to do Warm up the muscles before hitting it with Heavy Weight! Below are some stretching/warm up exercises that can be used before the main Shoulder Workout.

  1. Upper Trapezius Stretch Neck Muscle (Hold 30 Sec, 2-3 times each side)
  2. Overhead Triceps Stretch (Hold 20 Sec, 1-2 times each side)
  3. Cross Body Shoulder Stretch (Hold 10 Sec, 1-2 times each side)
  4. Arm Swing Stretch (Roll Clockwise/Anti Clockwise Arm, 20 Repetition each side)

How to do Dumbbell Lateral Raise:

The dumbbell rear lateral raise can be performed in two different ways of seated dumbbell side lateral raise and standing dumbbell side lateral raise.

For the first we will start from how to raise your shoulders in standing dumbbell side lateral raise:

  • The dumbbell lateral raise will be started by using the dumbbells and you will be straight with a very straight and taut torso. You have to extend your arms outwards in a way that your hands will face you. For lateral dumbbell raise making this position for your beginning.
  • You have to stand in a still position for the rear dumbbell lateral raise and side dumbbell raise. You don’t have to move your arms for the side lateral dumbbell raises like the pendulum motion. You have to start lifting the dumbbells in a very different position to make a bent arm lateral raise and it will be full frontal raise.
  • You have breathed out as you start to raise the front and side lateral dumbbell. As the rear lateral dumbbell raises go down you have to breathe inward very deeply. This is the best and effective way for the performance of side lateral raises with dumbbells
  • Dumbbell lateral shoulder raise will be done in the repetition of 15 sets. The rear lateral dumbbell raise will make the shoulder muscles strength up and you will start to feel the muscle buildup as you do the side lateral dumbbell raise.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise Muscles Worked!

  1. Primary Muscle: Deltoid (Interior, Medial and Posterior)
  2. Secondary Muscles: Trapezius (Upper and Middle Trapezius)

The other form of performing this exercise is the way of seated dumbbell lateral raise and this will be a dumbbell bent over lateral raise.  This will also be somewhat similar to the above-mentioned exercise and it will also focus on the side dumbbell lateral raise and dumbbell front lateral raise so we will consider it a very effective dumbbell lateral raise exercise. Seated lateral dumbbell raises will be done in a position of leaning dumbbell lateral raise and lateral raise dumbbell so follow the instructions below for the dumbbell lateral raise exercise.

  • You have chosen some dumbbells for dumbbell lateral raise bodybuilding.  Now you have to sit on a bench and that is flat and make your feet smoothly parallel to the floor to avoid any disturbance when performing the front lateral raise with dumbbells. The lateral raise with dumbbells are to be done by making your arms facing your side and you have to start lifting up the dumbbells. This will result in the shoulder burnout and it will not create any pain in your shoulder as it is a shoulder exercise tip.
  • Front raise exercise will be continued by making the above step as your starting position. You have to make your torso very rigid and tough for the dumbbell lying rear lateral raise. As the side lateral dumbbell raise upward you have to breathe in deeply. You have to make sure that the angle of your arms is coming in a parallel position to the floor.
  • Now start to breathe out as your dumbbell lateral raises start to go down. You also have to take a stop in between as this is a seated lateral raise with dumbbells.
  • Now end up the dumbbell lateral raise by going back to the position from where you have started and put your dumbbells down.
  • You have to repeat sets of 15 for the side dumbbell raises.

The standing side lateral raise and bent over lateral raise dumbbell will make your lateral raise shoulder straighten up by making the core muscle stronger and harder than ever before. Now you won’t be thinking about how to do dumbbell lateral raise because those have been cleared above. Lateral raise workout is famous among athlete and bodybuilders. Lateral raises exercise specifically target side raises for shoulders.

Seated Incline Lateral Raise and how to do Side Lateral Raises:

  • To do this exercise you have to start by the position in which your will bent arm laterals to do a front raises workout. Dumbbell l raise will be counted as one in this exercise and by doing in the way it will reduce the chance of shoulder pain lateral raise in the lateral shoulder workout.
  • The next step in the lateral deltoid exercise can be made easy with the use of band lateral raise and anterior delt raise. It also reduces the probability of shoulder pain with lateral raise.
  • You are suggested to do the standing dumbbell bent laterals in front laterals by shoulder l raises and use barbell lateral raises. Lifting arm in a slow motion to gain the maximum result
  • In this, your one arm side lateral raise with cause side shoulder workout and full lateral raise will be done by seated lateral raise and shoulder flys
  • You can also lateral raise machine to the front dumbbell raise.
  • Repeats the sets up to 10-15 time and use variations for comfort

More About lateral Raises Workout:

The side lateral raises are on the type of the standing dumbbell side laterals. The side laterals exercise makes you perform the lateral raises and side lateral raises is used to enable the side shoulder raise. The lateral raise exercise if done in a way of standing side lateral raises where you have standby doing a DB side laterals. Your shoulder side raises upward and you will be lateral side raise position.

The standing side raise is very easy to be done at home and you can even buy a machine for the side raises exercise and do lateral lift by standing dumbbell side lateral raises at your home. The side lateral exercise is so easy that now you won’t think about the question that what is a lateral raise exercise?

The delts dumbbell side laterals is another type of exercise lateral raise where you have to make your arms do a side raise dumbbell by making side lateral press. If you are thinking about how to lateral raise you can check outside lateral raise form and dumbbell lateral raise form. Your doubt about how to do side lateral raises will be cleared.

The side raises for shoulders will require dumbbell side lateral for the lateral raise. Now no more ambiguity about what are lateral raises or what are side raise or lateral lifts. You just have to be standing side lateral raise to do the lateral raises exercise and lateral raises and you’re will be done with the lateral raise workout.

Benefits of the Dumbbell Lateral Raise bodybuilding:

There are many benefits for the seated dumbbell laterals bodybuilding lateral raise and lateral raise press. As in this, you will be doing lateral row exercise with the position of seated lateral raise with dumbbells. The best way to do lateral raises is by deltoid raise and seated side lateral raise or lateral flys. The lateral exercises lateral workout can be performed in many ways and all are known to be very best and effective.

If you want to avoid any pain in your muscles start doing lat fly slowly by leaning dumbbell in the upward direction is a slow and steady way. If the lateral raise is not performed correctly you might not be able to do any shoulder raise exercise or lateral front raises in the future.

The seated dumbbell side lateral raises involves lateral to front raise by making lateral flies high in the air. The front to lateral raise lateral sides should be performed carefully so lateral raises hurt shoulder will be minimized. The dumbbell delt raise in another variation of the front lateral dumbbell raises where you can bend arm side lateral to do the lateral and front raises.

The side shoulder is a most important muscle that is affected by the lateral raises bodybuilding. The seated dumbbell side laterals also include the side raises behind the back and lateral shoulder fly. When you are doing the front lateral raises with dumbbells you will forward lateral raise to do the arm raise exercise correctly?  The straight arm lateral raise and back lateral raise will help in the buildup of the side fly for shoulders. more will be adjust in content


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