Cable KickbacksWant to know about Cable Kickbacks? This is the complete and step by step guide that will clear all the things that are required for a cable kickbacks workout beginner!

What are the best glute exercise and good glute workout?

There are many exercises formed by trainers that work specifically for certain body areas. Here we will be focusing on kickbacks exercise and all about it. First of all, it is important to know how kickback workout is performed and what area it targets. You can also train glutes with Upright Exercise Bikes! Checkout Upright Exercise Bike Reviews. Before beginning any instructions on cable kickbacks workout you need to know about the glutes and then you will be introduced to step exercises for glutes.

What are your glute muscles?

You might be thinking about what is glutes in the human body. There are 3 gluteal muscles and it makes up the buttock and it includes gluteus maximum, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. Most of the exercises for glutes are Maximus gluteus exercises.

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How to do Cable kickbacks exercise for most effective glute work out:

Kickback is a way of kicking backward to an imaginary target and it is done to strengthen up glutes or triceps. For legs, kickbacks fall into two type of work out Standing Cable kickback and kneeling kickbacks and they tend to be the best glute exercises. When we are saying best it meant to be the best exercise for gluteus maximus and they are glute exercises for men.

  1. Standing Cable kickback.


While performing this you have to keep in mind that it works for the Glutes. It can be effective glute exercises for men at home with kickback exercise machine.

How to perform Standing cable kickbacks exercise:

You can perform this exercise with the use of glutes cable machine.

  • Face the machine and secure your ankle with the cable kickbacks ankle strap.
  • Make sure the strap is tight, you can grab the bar and lean back to make it taut.
  • Stand straight and start constricting the main muscle. With a minimum twist in your knee start pulling your leg back as far possible with bending forward in this way you can perform the bent leg kickbacks with using the bent leg kickbacks machine.
  • This directly works on your glutes muscle and hold on for 2 secs in the position with leg lifted and then come back to the original position.
  • Repeat this glutes workout in 10-15 repetitions and then switch sides and follow the steps again as this is known to be the best glute exercises.

2. Kneeling Cable kickbacks

This can be glute exercises with weight but it can also be performed without adding weight. This is one of the floor glute exercises that can be known as best at home glute exercise.

  • Come on the floor with hands under the shoulders alignment and knees under your hips.
  • Make sure your backbone is parallel to the ground and start contracting the main muscle.
  • Don’t switch the angle of your knees; take your leg high until your thigh is parallel to the surface of the ground.
  • Tighten your glutes muscles when your leg is high and make it one.
  • Return to your original position and repeat the sets for 10-15 times and switch sides after completing one set.

3. Cable leg extension:


This is another of top glute exercises that are known to work out for your glutes. It will work as a one-legged cable kickback for low pulley glute extensions same as cable glute exercise. For such standing kickbacks, you will need to do leg exercises on a pulley machine. It can be one of the weighted glute exercises to maximize the glute power.

  • Stand away from the low pulley and also face away. You need to put your foot in the boot that is attached to the machine through a cable.
  • Stand on one leg and start raising your knee backward for about 45º above the ground.
  • Your leg lifts for glute development and it will be one of the best lower glute exercises. Allow your leg to be linked with the cable so it is automatically pulled back.
  • Don’t raise your leg very high as it might damage the muscle. It is best to be performed on a kickback gym machine.

4. Hip hiking exercise

This will be known as side glute exercises and you to concentrate on it to know how to work your glutes. It is also best glute exercises at home and best glute workout for men, the work for the hip abduction for glutes.

  • To start this exercise stand you have to stand on the floor as it will be a standing glute exercise.
  • You have to put one of your legs on a steep and start lowering one side of the knee without bending your whole leg.
  • This glute workout will be much like single leg kickbacks.
  • You will feel one of your hips going down. Come back to the original position and repeat set of 15 and switch sides.

5. Quadruped hip extension

Quadruped hip extensions are another type of kickbacks workout and known to be the best workout for glutes. It can be performed on the Quadruped hip extension machine or you can get yourself the best glute band to perform cable kickbacks with bands.

  • Put one end of the band on the lower part of the leg and put another end on the ankle.
  • You have to face the point from where the band is attached and make yourself stable.
  • Make your head and torso straight and raise your knee back as high as you can but keeping the knee parallel to the ground for straight leg kickbacks.
  • Take yourself back to original position and repeats 15 sets.

6. Donkey kickbacks or mule kick exercise

It is done on the donkey kick exercise machine for ease but if you don’t have that you can easily start from the floor. Donkey kick machines are often available at the gym for glute extension. Such machines are known to work for cable donkey kick and donkey kickbacks exercises.

  • Get yourself a gym mat and place all four on the floor in a way that your hands under the shoulder and knees under the hips.
  • Make sure your spine is parallel to the bottom surface to avoid any back problem.
  • Start raising your leg high up to 90 º that your knee is raised to the level of your hip.
  • You don’t have to place your knee on the floor for getting back in position. Let it come only half way from what it was raised. You will work one side first as it is a single leg kickback and such are known for best gluteus Maximus exercises.
  • Repeat 10-15 sets and change the side.
  • If you are adding weight it will be hip exercise with weight.

7. Barbell Crabwalks


This works for different butt muscles and known to be barbell exercise for glutes.When you are performing this exercise it works for muscles glutes and this is an exercise for legs and glutes. You can either perform this exercise without any equipment or you can perform a resistance band crab walk that will be the best glute workout.

To perform this effective glute exercise follows the instructions below:

  • You have sat on the floor then bend your knees. Take your hand behind your butts and put your palm on the floor. This is a gluteus Maximum exercise for men so raise your glutes above from the ground for some inches.
  • You have to now walk in this position by moving your right leg forward and making your left leg straight and then tap your heel few times on the floor.
  • Once it is done return back to the original position and repeat 15 sets by switching sides.

This exercise will be great exercises for glutes and one of the best lateral exercises.

8. Kettlebell exercises for buttocks

This exercise is done with a kettlebell for glutes shape up and there are many other kettlebell glute exercises but we are showing instruction for the easy glute exercises.


The kettlebell exercise for glute exercise will be a great glute exercise. When you are checking out what exercises are good for glutes or how to exercise your glutes. You often encounter kettlebell exercises for bum listed in top 10 glute exercises. This is also included in gluteus Maximus exercises with weight more adjust in content.

Now, we will show the instructions for kettlebell hip thrust.

  • You have to put your shoulder blades on the bench and you have to spread your arms on the bench to increase your stability. If you are unable to touch the bench and put your arms on it, you have to raise your hips to about few inches above from the ground. In this way, you might be able to do it more easily.
  • When you are comfortable with putting your arms now bend your knees on 90º by making your feet flat on the floor.
  • This is a kind of butt kickback and done in the way of kneeling glute kickbacks.
  • You have a deep breath in and start to contract your core for the gluteus kickback as this will target your glut muscle.
  • It will be a bigger glute workout so you to perform a glute push down but lifting your hips up and holding on tight for some seconds. You don’t have to extend your lower back part as it might make you hurt.
  • This exercise is very amazing for glutes fitness and one of the most effective glute exercises and it will make your glute function.

There are many functional glute exercises to work on the glutes.

The above-mentioned exercises were specifically for Legs and glute by now we will have a look on one arm triceps kickbacks.

One Arm Triceps Kickbacks

As the leg exercise focus on glutes, this arm kickback will mainly focus on the building of triceps.


The instruction for performing a one arm kickback is with a dumbbell:

  • Pick up your dumbbell in your right hand and place your left foot in front or forward of your body and your right foot backward. After you have positioned your legs bend your torso a bit in the forward direction.
  • You have to start working your arms by raising your elbow backward and it will make your arm upper part parallel to the ground and start kick backing it until you feel your arm is fully extended.
  • When you want to get back to the start position lower your dumbbell in this way you will be back to the position where you have started.
  • You have to repeat one arm kickback on each of the sides in 10-15 sets and switch sides accordingly for best results.

Cable KickBacks Workout Split!

15 Reps of 3-4 Sets for Fat Loss Workout Program
7-12 Reps of 3-4 Sets for Muscle Muilding Program
5-8 Reps of 3-4 Sets with Heavy Weight for Strenth Building

Benefits of Cable leg Kick back or standing Glute kickbacks or cable butt kickbacks:

Standing glute kickbacks is one of the best workouts for glutes and it can be performed on a kickback machine or leg extension cable machine or in a way to perform kickbacks on leg extension machine. You can perform cable kickbacks at home if you have leg kickback machine and you want to do cable machine exercises for glutes. You need to have a cable kickbacks ankle strap to do the cable machine leg workout. This is one of the best glute exercises for men. You can read the instructions mentioned above to know how to do glute kickbacks on a standing glute kickbacks machine.

The exercise for glutes can be started from the glute training and you can start it by introducing glute kickbacks with weight. It can be glute training for men because it will be the best lift for glutes and formed into the most effective glute exercise or best glute workout for men for gluteus exercises. You just have to get a kickback machine to make the glute machine muscles worked.

It will develop the shape of your legs and hip as it targets the glute push. It is known to be working as glute max strengthening exercises. They are many types of exercises that work for the hip muscles and increase the hip extension. It will shape up the legs and its lower muscle and give a proper toning to your whole body.

The most famous types of exercise that are known to be working for the hips muscles are

  • Squats with barbell
  • Lunges with dumbbells
  • One legged cable kickbacks

You are recommended to repeat set of 3-4 at a time which will include repetition of 10-15 movements. It is better to perform all at the gym on a machine. It is a medium level exercise and knows to be working best for your lower body.

Machines that are used in the glute exercises:

1. Cable Kickbacks machine

This machine is used for the toning of glute muscles and it has a cable in it. The cable of the kickback machine makes you do kickbacks more easily without causing any trouble to the muscle. It will make your legs go back to the original position without causing any damage. These machines are almost available in every gym and they are known to be the most effective for the toning of glute muscle. They come in various types such as where you can perform a standing kickback and it has a shoe attached to it so you have to put your foot in the shoe. The shoe is then attached to a cable. The cable kickback machine also comes with weight and you can do kickbacks with the weight of your choice according to your strength.

Cable kickbacks machines also come in a different style where you can lay down on the machine and use it for the buildup pf your triceps. In this type of machine that works for your arms muscle you usually use it for both arms at a time.

2. Machine for Glute press

This machine is especially used for the donkey kick exercises or other similar motions. It is one of the most effective machines that are known to improve the strength of your core muscles and tone it very well. You can perform the exercise with this in a very way because it takes the complete support of your chest and you lay down your chest on the pad and start stretching and expanding your legs out from the behind and in this way your glute muscles will be stretched to the maximum. The best part about this machine is that you don’t have to bend your knees or bend your torso to perform the exercise with it. This is also easily available at almost every gym because it is very affected in the toning of glute muscles.

Variations in cable kickbacks exercise:

All of the exercises mentioned above are supposed to be working for glutes and they can be performed in different styles to obtain the maximum results. The variations for these exercises can be done by the following list below:

  • Standing

You can stand and perform this exercise, the variation is only depending on how intense of moderate you want your workout to be. Standing cable kickbacks are one of the most standard type of workout for men and it is known in top 5 glute exercises.

  • With weight

You can introduce some of the weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells in your regular glute exercise to make it more intense as it will increase the tension on your glute muscle and it tends to contract more.

  • With resistance band

It can be performed with the resistance band; this band is very effective you are doing it without a machine and in your home. It will increase the tension on your glute muscles so your legs will more contract.

  • Crab walk

Crab walk is also an intense type of workout that can be performed at home or gym. By walking in this way or upside down you have to raise your won’t body weight and even though you are not carrying any weight it will extend the tension on the contraction of your glute muscles.

  • Hip Thrust

Hip thrusting is an exercise that is done by standing, it is a moderate level exercise and you don’t have to work much hard to perform it hence you can feel comfortable in its performance.

  • Arms

When you are performing the one arm kickbacks it will make your torso to be pushed backward and your triceps muscles will come into work when it will be contracted. It will sculpt your torso and tone the muscles around the arm. It is also known to increase the strength of your upper body.

Mistakes in Cable kickbacks:

Most of the time people face muscles twist because of not performing the workout properly it is because of some possible reasons such as:

  1. Not keeping your spine straight.
  2. Bending your torso more than what is instructed
  3. Not keeping the legs in proper position.
  4. Not breathing in and breathing out properly
  5. Kick backing way to fast that might damage the muscle.
  6. Not using proper weights that is suitable for the workout
  7. Not utilizing proper machines that are specially made for the working of specific muscles.
  8. Overworking on the machines by not relaxing your muscles in between of the exercise.

Why Cable Kickbacks exercise important?

This exercise is very important if you’re specifically looking forward to building up your glutes muscles and triceps. There are many variations available and you can perform it according to any whichever suits your best. It can perform with the weight and without the weight or just by using your own body weight. Resistance bands and machines can also be used and can be performed at the gym with a kickback machine or just simply at home. You can even include different type of weight equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells in your exercise. When you are using low-intensity weight it will enhance the development of your muscle. It will extend the torso and tone your legs better than the performance of any other exercise. It is known to be the best exercise for triceps and glutes and usually listed in top 10 exercises for men.

Hope you got everything about Cable Kickbacks in this guide and your all doubts has been cleared. See you in action and have a nice fitness journey! Share with other fitness freaks around you about this best cable kickbacks guide!