I have been taking morning smoothies for many years and I have realized that not all blenders are appropriate for making the perfect smoothie. They just create a fuss around the kitchen. You need to have the best blender for smoothies in your kitchen to make your life easy.Best Blender for Smoothies Reviews

Although traditional kitchen blenders can make a smoothie you need to invest some money to buy the best budget blender for smoothies. One that crushes ice into slush so that you can enjoy ice cold smoothies every time.

So I start searching about best blender for smoothies and came up with a long list of best smoothie blenders.

Well, choosing a right best blender for smoothies was quite a tough task for me so I have gathered and compiled all my efforts and research into this post so that you can have a clear picture, for a best blender for smoothies. Continue Reading to know more about Best Blender for Smoothies.

Why Do We Need a Best Blender for Smoothie?

Smoothies are a healthy and nutritious way to take nuts, fruits, and yogurt in your diet. But making smoothies could be a tedious task if you don’t have a proper blender for smoothies. Of course, no one like sipping the big chunk of almond or strawberry in their smoothies.

A best blender for smoothies is one that breaks the food into tiny and small particles without destroying their nutrients. You don’t need to have a fast, new and expensive smoothie blender. A best blender for smoothies should be quick, durable and efficient enough to give a smooth grain-free texture to your smoothie.

Buying a smoothie blender could be a tedious task that’s why I have come up with the best smoothie blender reviews, which covers all the important aspects of some high-end blender brands.

Moreover, there is a buying guide too which will help you to make a checklist of what features and specification you want in your smoothie blender. Below are the some of the Best Blender for Smoothies.

Top 10 Awesome Best Blender for Smoothies Reviews

So you wanna know more about blenders? Let’s start with reviewing some best blender for smoothies of 2019!.

  • Vitamix 5200 Blender

Starting with Vitamix which is a top-notch brand in terms of quality and durability. It is the brand which is most trusted by a professional chef. This means you will find Vitamix in the kitchen of every restaurant.

If you are fond of making a restaurant like smoothies then you should surely grab your hands onto this smoothie blender.

Why I am saying this you will get to know when I will disclose about its functions.

This high-grade professional quality blender comes with a speed dial, which you can rotate and adjust any time while blending to have your desired smoothie texture.

Its plastic container which is BPA free is enough spacious to accommodate medium to large size of batch, which can let you make 4-6 glasses of smoothie at a time

Talking about its hardened stainless steel blade, they are very strong and robust. These 4 blades which measures 3 inch in diameter will ensure a consistent blend every time. Vitamix C- series are not just blenders for smoothie they can heat, chop, grind, blend and emulsify.

One more amazing feature that this blender has is, you can make hot soup without stove on Vitamix blenders. Yes, you heard it right.

It’s all possible because of its powerful blades. The friction from its blades makes soup to serving temperature right in the container and this takes only 10 minutes.


Vitamix 5200 is equipped with a motor of 2.0 peak horsepower which is supported with 1380 watt power. With this much power, blades can easily rotate at the speed of 37,000rpm. Now you can imagine how smooth and grain free your smoothie texture will be.

As far as performance is concerned, you must have imagined how extraordinary it will be.

With such powerful motor and strong blades, you can easily crush ice or nuts and make anything you want in a blender, which other blenders fail to make.

It is one of the best blender for smoothies and soups.


Though the manufacturer has claimed that you can serve hot soups in it. But several people have complained that when the motor gets hot the entire machine gets shut down. This is one of the drawbacks of Vitamix 5200, which is not at all a very big issue because you turn on the blender for a few minutes.

Vitamix 5200 best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • 64-ounce plastic BPA free container
  • High power motor base
  • A plastic tamper

  • Professional grade blender
  • Best blender for smoothies
  • Strong and robust blades that can grind anything
  • Easy to clean container


  • Relatively noisy blender

If you are looking for small and handy blender then magic bullet blender could be your option.

It is small, take less space and one of the best blender for smoothie.

It is simple and easy to use and above all, it does not have any tons of features that become hotchpotch.

Talking about the manufacturer, magic bullet is from the banner of same brand that manufacturers NutriBullet blender, which are known for producing best blender for smoothies.

It can do all those task that can be perform by any other powerful blender. It can chop, blend, whip, mix and even grind. The only difference in its performance is it, low power motor. Though it can do all these task but you have to nudge it frequently during the process to ensure all the bits are caught by the blades. It is one of the Best Blender for Smoothies and ice.

Its 250-watt high torque power base gives 0.335HP power to its blades so that they can spin for as maximum of 2000rpm.

This means your shakes and smoothie will be no longer be grainy.

Magic bullet comes with two sizes of plastic BPA free container that is 18 oz tall and 12oz short cup. Moreover, it comes with two sharp stainless steel blades; one is a flat blade which is used for grinding hard substances and the other one is cross blade which is perfectly designed for making smoothies and shakes.

Magic blender is a perfect example of a personal blender. You cannot entertain entire family with this single blender. It’s perfect for single person use.

The best part about this is, if you are in hurry and do not have enough time to transfer your protein shake into the flask, then you can take your shake in its flip top to go lid container along with you.

Isn’t it amazing?

The magic bullet is the best blender for smoothies that you can easily afford in $50. It’s easy to clean and easy to use.

What I did not like about it?

The magic bullet is a compact and user-friendly personal blender. As such, there isn’t any flaw that I have noticed except one thing that its motor is not powerful enough to crush ice properly and this is the reason its smoothies are quite chunky. But if you add half thawed frozen fruits in your smoothie, it will perform great.

Magic bullet best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • An 18 ounce and 12 ounce container
  • Two sharp blades
  • The motor base of 250 watt
  • A 10-second recipe book
  • Flip top to go lid container

  • Great for one person
  • Can mix, blend, whip, beat and chop
  • Space saver smoothie blender
  • Best blender for smoothies under $50


  • Low power blender

Third in my list of best blender for smoothies is a combination of both high-performance blender and personalized blender.

You can say it’s a two blender in one.

Ninja has been producing quality kitchen wares since ages. Their vision is to satisfy their customer. When it comes to kitchen category items, the ninja is the name that strikes first in mind.

Let’s talk about BL-660 smoothie blender.

It is one of the best blender for smoothies with ice that is not the only countertop but it can be a personalized blender too. All thanks to its small 16 oz flip and go container that makes it a personal blender.

The container is quite spacious that is 72 oz which means you can entertain 4-6 people at a time easily. It is made up of easily washable and nonbreakable plastic material. The large container is very appealing in shape and has a sprout to make pouring easy.

As far as blades of BL-660 are concerned they are very unique and different from the other blenders especially for the 72 oz pitcher. It has three 2 prong style blade that is immensely rustproof and dishwasher safe. The single-serve container has 6-prong sharp blades of stainless steel.

Talking about the power and motor, BL-660 has 1100 watts of power which is far better than any other affordable blender brand.

Its blades are sharp and strong enough that it can easily crush nuts and ice. You can make peanut butter within minutes. It can crush the ice really very well and you can have your slushy morning smoothie within minutes.

Its powerful motor and dual functions make it one of the must-have kitchen gadgets.


Ninja is a market leader when it comes to a kitchen blender. BL-660 is one of the amazing productions from the house of ninja. It’s versatile and unique kitchen blender that can do many other task besides smoothie making. It is also one of the Best Blender for Smoothies.

Though it’s a unique and versatile blender with large size pitcher, but it cannot knead the dough and not suitable for heating liquids.

But I would cover it by saying that every blender has been manufactured by keeping in mind certain features and functions. It’s not necessary that every blender has to perform all basic and advanced functions.

Ninja blender BL-66 best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • A 72 oz pitcher
  • two 16 oz nutria ninja cups with to go lids
  • 1100 watt powerful base
  • The blades

  • Unique and versatile blade and pitcher construction
  • The powerful motor base that can crush ice and frozen fruits easily
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Best blender for smoothies under $150


  • Some people claim that blades become dull over time.

Next in my list of good blender for smoothies is from Vitamix, since it’s a brand that has been trusted worldwide since ages.

It’s a high performance and professional blender and has all those features that you look for in an ideal smoothie blender.

Vitamix 750 had launched around five years back and is still one of the most selling and running series of Vitamix.

Let’s take a stealthy look at its features.

Equipped with a powerful motor of 1650 watt that gives 2.2 HP power which is more than enough for a home blender. With this incredible power crushing ice and grinding nut is a just a matter of few minutes.

This powerful motor can spin the blades at the speed of 270mph with 37000 rpm.

Since it has quite powerful motor this is the reason the machine will be too much noisy. But Vitamix has solved this problem by introducing sound dampening technology in their blender. This technology will reduce up to 10% of the blending noise.

Talking about the container, it is 64 ounce and can entertain a bulk of people easily. It’s perfect for large families. The container is made up of low profile plastic and wide shape make washing and cleaning easier and it is completely BPA free. Not only this, wider jar can let you make nut butter easily because the ingredient has more space and the longer blades provide more contact with the food.

This impressive and high-performance model of Vitamix can make grain free smoothie easily. It can even handle hot soups and frozen desserts. You can do lots more with Vitamix 750.

One more thing, Vitamix 750 comes with five pre-programmed settings that include smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, puree, and self-cleaning. Pre-set programs make life easier.

What I did not like about it:

It’s an amazing blender but I have found few negative points in it. The wide base jar is ideal for proper mixing of food, but this wide jar cannot treat small batches of food properly. This is the reason people end up buying another container of 32 oz. overall, it’s one of the best budgeted and professional smoothie blender.

Vitamix 750 best blender for smoothies comes with: 
  • 2.2 HP blender
  • 64oz low profile pitcher with low profile tamper
  • a cookbook with recipes designed for 750 presets
  • Getting started guide, and DVD.

  • Strong user reviews for this blender
  • Includes 5 pre-programmed settings
  • Best blender for the money


  • No cons yet

Blendtec is a Utah- based brand that focuses more on innovation. They are known for manufacturing high-end kitchen blenders keeping in mind the advanced era. They are the world’s most advanced blenders.

Talking about the blender, it’s quite unique and versatile. If you want to add elegant and lavish kitchen accessories then you should buy Blendtec. Its sophisticated design and appearance make it quite different from the other blenders of the same category. It has a sleek capacitive touch interface which let you operate the entire blender with finger touch.

This blender has a unique jar which is five-sided which makes it perfect for bigger and faster blend. Its 90 oz volume jar is ideal for making large batches. The container is made up of BPA free plastic that means it can be easily washed and cleans. The jar is designed in such a way that it creates vortex during blending. This means food will be automatically pushing towards the blade instead of the jar sides.

As far as blades are concerned they are 80% more thicker than any other blender. Stronger and thicker blades make blending and ultimate experience. One more thing that is of concern here, its blades are not at all sharp, rather they are strong and dull. This means neither your scrapper nor your hand will damage while cleaning the blade. This makes it one of the best blender for smoothies which is easy to clean.

This professional grade blender can knead dough and batter, make smoothies and shakes, ice-cream and can even make hot soups.

It is equipped with the motor of 1560 watt that is so powerful and makes noise a lot. But Blendtec has added noise dampening feature because of which its noise has been reduced up to 30%.

What I did not like about it:

Well, it’s a modern style blender with advanced technology. But I have noticed that the manufacturer has indicated the preset control with icons only. They have not labeled it. So I think the user will have to guess what those icons mean. Overall it’s a high end and professional blender.

Blendtec designer best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • 90 oz wildSide+ jar
  • A 3HP motor base
  • Blade
  • And a recipe book

  • LCD displays that tell about blending time
  • Pre-programmed blend cycles
  • Best blender for smoothies
  • Ideal for making cocktails, shakes, and smoothie


  • Quite expensive

Here comes another one from the house of Shark Ninja. But this one is quite different from the one which I have reviewed in the beginning.

It looks like a professional blender but it’s actually is a personal blender. I would say that this one is the best personal blender for smoothies.

Shark ninja BL-456 has equipped with 900 watts of powerful motor that makes it possible for the blades to crush ice and frozen fruits properly.

Like all other blenders of shark ninja, its container is also made up of plastic which is BPA free and has a capacity of 24 oz.

Besides being handy BL456 is user-friendly too. Anyone can operate it. Just add the ingredients into the cup, seal the blade assembly and flip the cup, place it on the base unit and turn it clockwise and it’s ready to use. Once your smoothie is ready to replace the lid with sippy lid and enjoy your smoothie on the go.

It does not have a typical control panel, speed choice or on/off switch. It is operated on one single speed without any button. You just have to press down the top of the cup against the base unit. Just pulse it for three to four times and your chilled smoothie is ready to serve.

Make sure do not run the blender for more than one minutes in one go. Keep an interval for few second before initiating another push for running.

Ninja BL456 is a compact personalized blender which can serve you chilled shakes and cocktail within a couple of minutes. I would say this low power blender is one of the best ninja blenders for smoothies.

What I didn’t like about it:

Since it’s a low power machine it cannot do all the blending and whipping in one go. You have to wait for a few second before initiating another push. And if it shutdowns automatically because of overheating it will require a minimum of thirty minutes of cooling time before the gadget will be ready to use again.

Shark ninja BL-456 best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • 900-Watt Motor Base
  • (1) 18 oz. Nutri® Cup
  • (1) 24 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cup
  • (2) Spout Lids
  • 75-Recipe Cookbook

  • Machine shuts off automatically in case of overheating
  • Stainless steel 4 pronged blades
  • Ease of use
  • Good blender for smoothies
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Cups are not stress resistant

Now, this is one of the best blenders for smoothies and soups.

You can tons of different things on Jamba Blender.

Blending, grinding, chopping or even emulsifying, it’s just a matter of seconds.

Jamba is a renowned name in kitchen wares. It’s all kitchen appliances are of top-notch quality. Their main objective is to make life easier.

That’s why there are hundreds of features in Jamba blender.

Appearance wise the machine looks similar to all blenders. Its control panel is quite easy. It has a knob that is meant for changing speeds. There are 10 variable speed options.

It has 4 pre-programmed settings of soup, smoothies, ice crush, and whole juice.

This blender has 2.4HP powerful motor that propels blades up to 270rpm. There is no harm in saying that Jamba Blender will perform heavy duty blending task easily.

Low profile 64 oz jar is made up of Tritan Copolyester which is free from BPA and completely dishwasher safe. It is stress and temperature resistant and can bear temperature upto248F. Moreover, the jar does not have any locking mechanism. Thanks to its safe construction that it fixes on the center rubber pad and secured with four guards. Once it fixes there, the jar won’t come out even on intense vibration.

The best part about this machine is, it is not too much noisy. Though it has a very powerful motor but it produces only 85-95 decibels of noise which is of the motor!

What I didn’t like about this:

Like all other professional blender, it also comes with tamper which allows the machine to process thick and stubborn ingredient. But there is a flaw. This tamper is quite short in length, which makes the tool quite useless when making short batches.

Overall it’s a high-end smoothie blender which can make soups as well.

Jamba best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • 2.4HP motor base
  • 64 oz. Tritan copolyester container
  • Custom tamper
  • User manual
  • Recipe book

  • The machine is not too much noisy
  • Best blender for smoothies and juicing
  • With stainless steel sharp blades
  • Can bear high temperature easily


  • Quite expensive

Here comes another one from the house of Ninja. In fact, their quality and durable construction forced me to choose one more blender from their banner,

But this one is completely personalized and is specially designed for those people who do not want fuss or mess when making smoothies.

This 1000 watt blender is powerful enough to chop fruits and nuts, crush ice and frozen fruits. So that you can add varieties in your morning shake.

Especially designed pro extraction blades are attached at the base of the lid and they are strong enough to break whole nuts and fruits. These strong blades are rust proof and can spin at the speed of 21000rpm. Big thanks to its 1000 watts motor.

Like other personal blender, you will get a sip and seal lid to cover your smoothie jar so that you can enjoy your smoothie on the way to your work.

The jars are made up of BPA free plastic which is stress resistant and can be easily cleaned and washed using any detergent. These jars are also transportable and can fit in any standard car cup holder.

As far as its 1000 watt motor is concerned, it comes with an auto shut off feature which means the machine will shut off automatically once it gets hotter.

The best thing about ninja blenders is they are very cost friendly, that’s the reason they are best smoothie blender for the money.

What I didn’t like about it:

Shark ninja has always focused to produce out-class blender. One thing I have noticed in nutria ninja BL 480 that instead of using rubber feet at the bottom of the blender, they have used suction cups, which cause the machine to vibrate during the process. This is not at all a big flaw; you can overcome it by using any rubber pad beneath the machine.

Overall it’s a compact blender perfect for making smoothies on the go.

Ninja BL480D best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • One small 18 oz nutria ninja cup
  • One regular 24 oz nutria ninja cup
  • Two sip and seal lids
  • Pro extraction blades
  • Instruction book

  • Ensure smooth texture of your cocktails and smoothies
  • Two automatic programs
  • Two manual programs
  • Best blender for smoothies


  • The machine moves a lot because of the vibration.

If you want something uniquely stylish and colorful for your kitchen then I would say that Oster personal blender is the perfect choice for you.

It’s pink in color and looks so cool and vivid.

This Oster My blend is perfect for those people who cannot afford expensive and professional blenders and want to make only single serving.

Making a single cup in a blender can be a big mess but if you make it in a personal blender- you will find no mess at all.

Oster My blend has made life easier.

This nice and sleek blender that measures 6.9 x 6.7 x 14.9 inches will take minimum space in your kitchen cabinets.

Talking about its power, it’s not much powerful as other blender but yes, it’s enough for people who want to make just single serving.

It is equipped with 250 watt of the motor which is powerful enough to cut and blend frozen fruits and ice.

Its 20 oz sports bottle is made up of plastic and BPA free. It is easy to use. just pour your desired ingredients in the sports bottle, attach the blending blade to the bottle and place on the base to blend in one touch, remove the blade attachment and attach the drinking lid and you are ready to go with your smoothie.

I would say that if you are fond of having protein shakes and smoothies in your breakfast then you should grab your hands onto this. It’s one of the best personal blender for smoothies.

What I did not like about it:

Well, its sleek and compact blender which is perfect for making single serving cups. Its sports bottle is not stress resistant you have to fill the jar very carefully, because overloading may break the jar. Overall it’s an amazing blender that is must have in your kitchen. It is not available in the same old boring colors like black, silver. It is available in pink, green, orange, sky blue.

Oster My blend best blender for smoothies comes with:
  • 250-watt motor base
  • A 20 oz sport jar
  • Instruction manual.

  • Relatively quite
  • Best small blender for smoothies
  • Affordable
  • Stylish and colorful


  • No worth mentioning con yet.

Breville is known for manufacturing innovative products to add comfort in the life of their users.

This blender that I m going to review is one of the amazing blender on the internet today.

It’s not only used for smoothie making but in fact, you can do a lot more in it.

Though it’s quite big in size but it’s perfect for doing the entire blending chore like chopping, pulverizing, grinding and etc.

The control panel is easy to use and easy to read. Moreover, it has an LCD display that keeps you informed of the blending time and program.

This fresh and furious blender comes with a motor of 1100 watt which makes it quite capable to crush ice and frozen fruits for your chilled smoothies.

It comes with 5-speed function in which Mix is the lowest speed which is good for mixing wet and dry ingredient where as chop, blend, puree, liquefy speed settings are the fastest speed settings and meant for breaking ingredients.

As far as a jar of the machine is concerned, like all other blender it is made up of heavy duty BPA free Eastman Tritan copolyester that is stress, temperature and stain resistant. Its 50 oz in volume that means you can small to medium size batches easily.

Another main worth mentioning point about this blender is, it has Kinetix Contoured blades and owl system. it has 5 blades out of which three are central serrated and rest two are the wide-sweeping blade. This type of blades and bowl enhances the formation of a vortex in which ingredients are pushed towards the blade automatically during blending.

Breville fresh and furious blender have committed to deliver quiet and efficient blending performance. Though the machine is equipped with a powerful motor, yet it is less noisy.

This is one of the competitive advantages of Breville fresh and furious blender over other blenders.

If you like professional grade blender and cannot afford high-end commercial grade blender like Vitamix or Blendtec than you can buy Breville fresh and furious blender. It’s more or less of the same quality but far better in terms of price.

What I didn’t like about it:

Well, it’s a high-grade blender but it comes with a limited warranty of 1 year. that’s the only point which I did not like about it over all it’s a worth buying product but you have to handle it with extreme care. Incase if it gets out of order after 1 year, you will have to look for another blender.

Breville fresh and furious best blender for smoothies come with:
  • 1100 watt base unit
  • 50 oz Tritan copolyester container
  • Lid with measuring cup
  • Instruction book with a recipe card

  • Four pre set programs
  • 5-speed setting
  • Heavy duty and professional grade blender
  • Best blender for smoothies


  • No tamper.

Buying Guide for the Best Blender for Smoothies!

There are trillions of kitchen blenders available in the market but not all blenders are ideal for smoothie making. We should not ignore the fact that there is a thin line difference between all-purpose blenders and smoothie blenders. You have to consider numerous factors while purchasing a best blender for smoothies and shakes. This article will provide you with brief and concise information about the main factors that really matter in a blender.

Here you go!

Look for the Blender Type:

First and the foremost task that you have to do while purchasing best blender fro smoothies is to decide the type of blender you want. select the type after analyzing all models from best blender for smoothies guide.

Usually, there are four types of smoothie blenders

Premium or High-Performance Blender:

These types of blender have an immense powerful motor and they can do a lot more than making smoothie and shakes. They can blend all types of ingredients with speed and perfection. These blenders make the actual blending process smooth, seamless and headache free. You can say that these blenders are professional blenders that are made up of heavy duty materials. They are quite expensive

Conventional Blender:
These are less expensive and less powerful blenders than high-performance blenders. They are ideal for low intensity blending task like mixing, shaking and emulsifying. These types of blenders come with various speed setting and you can crush the ice in order to enjoy ice cold smoothie.
Personal blender:
You can call them single serve blender they are not only convenient to use but also they are easy to clean. They are called personal blender because once you make you smoothie you can take it along with you. They are not intended for hardcore blending but yes they are a perfect instrument for those people who want to enjoy their power shakes on the go
Immersion Blender:

These are known as stick blender or hand blender. They are quite different from the countertop blenders that I have discussed. They are cylindrical in shape and you just have to submerge it in your jar of smoothie ingredient and start it. Your smoothie will be ready in your jar. They are quite handy and easy to store. Immersion blenders are not as much powerful as countertop blenders but yes they are the perfect choice for smaller kitchens.

All these types of blenders are perfect for making smoothie and considered as best blender for smoothies.

So Rule No.1:  Choose the Appropriate Type of Blender according to your need.
  • Power of Blender Matters a lot:

Motor of smoothie blender is just like the heart of blender. You know that it’s the motor that keeps blender in order. Ideally, a best blender for smoothies should have the motor of incredible power. More powerful the blender motor is more smoother your shakes and smoothie will be. If you have enough powerful motor in your blender than your blender will blend and mix things properly. Otherwise, you will have to swallow some fruits chunks while enjoying your shakes and smoothies, which, I know, no one likes, So you need Best Blender for Smoothies in this scenrio.

Ideally, a good blender for smoothies should have a motor of  more than 1000-Watts because this much powerful motor will have no trouble in blending ingredients properly. But if you chose a motor that has power less than 1000 watts than you have to compromise on hard ingredients such as nuts and seeds. You can’t add and blend them into your smoothie.

Taking about some more worst scenario, if you are planning to buy a best smoothie blender for the money that has power rating less than 300 watts, then get yourself ready to pre-cut the ingredient to make a smoothie and I know, this can a very big hassle. Choose the Best Blender for Smoothies from the list according to your budget and needs.

So Rule No. 2: While purchasing any best blender for smoothies, make sure that its motor should have a power rating of at least 1000 Watts because, the lower the power, the harder the blender will work and hence its life expectancy will be shortened.
  • Not Sharp Blades – Only Strong Blades:

After motor, blades are the most important component of smoothie blender, since smoothies are incomplete without slush of ice.  Practically people look for blenders that have sharp blades. This is a completely wrong approach. Sharp blades will only harm you or your rubber spatula while scrapping. So it’s better to look for blades that are made of strong and sturdy material that can easily crush frozen fruits and ice and blend them to give a smoother and delicious shake. Remember, to look for strong blades while purchasing best blender for smoothies.

So Rule No.3: Took for a blender that has strong and sturdy blades preferably made up of high-grade stainless steel.
  • Check the Container!

Though blades and motor are the most important component of a blender, at the same time appropriate and right container is a crucial element for best smoothie blender.

Generally, containers or jugs are made up of glass which is prone to break. So you have to handle it with extreme care. If by chance your container fell down and breaks apart, you will have to buy a whole new blender, because separate containers are rare to find.

So it has been recommended to choose a blender that has a container made up of plastic that should be BPA free. There is a drawback with a plastic container that they absorb the odor of food, but don’t worry you can get rid of it by applying cleaning hacks. Thus selecting best blender for smoothies is not a big deal for you.

As far as the shape of the container is concerned, each and every corner of the container should be easy to clean design. Otherwise, it will promote bacterial growth and will not be a good idea for health conscious people. Surely our guide can help you to find best blender for smoothies.

So Rule No. 4: Choose a Container made up of plastic that is free from BPA.
  • Check for the warranty:

It’s wise to purchase electronic items that have a genuine warranty. This is the way you will feel secured. If incase your blender gets out of order, you can claim its warranty.

So Rule No. 5: Choose a Blender Brand that gives at least 1 Year of Warranty.

As far as price is concerned, it is also an important factor but the price may vary according to the type and functions of the blender. So this totally depends on your needs.

Before buying any good blender for smoothies, if you keep in mind these check list point according to your requirement. I am pretty much confident that your smoothie blender will never disappoint you.

How do I choose a best blender for smoothies?

Start your morning with the super healthy Banana Smoothie in the breakfast. You need a best blender for smoothies that is powerful enough to blend ice cubes and frozen fruits. Blender come in different sizes and shapes So, choose the best blender for smoothies according to your needs.

How many watts do you need for a best blender for smoothies?

If you are looking for handheld blender, then find the best blender for smoothies that is more than 100 watts of power. While some of the blender have 500 watts, which is perfectly sufficient for enough blender Workload.

What is the Best Blender for vegetable smoothies?

following are the best blender for smoothies.

  1. Vitamix 5200 Series Green Smoothie Blender – Top Pick. …
  2. Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 Smoothie Blender – Best For The Money. …
  3. Blendtec Total TB-621 Blender Suited for Green Smoothies. …
  4. Oster BVCB07-Z00-000 Blender. …
  5. Ninja QB900B Master Prep Blender – Super Cheap.

Can you blend frozen fruit with a hand blender?

Yes, you can, but use The blender with powerful blades to blend frozen fruits.

Which hand best blender for smoothies is best??

  • Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender.
  • KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3 Speed Hand Blender.
  • Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender.
  • Cuisinart CSB-100 Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender.
  • All-Clad Steel Immersion Blender.
  • Epica Heavy Duty Immersion Hand Blender 4 in 1

What is the small best blender for smoothies?

  • Ninja Professional Blender.
  • Nutri Bullet Pro Blender.
  • Vitamix 750 Pro Heritage Blender.
  • Ninja Smoothie Blender.
  • Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blender.

Do Blenders destroy fiber?
Blending veggies and fruits does not destroy fiber. You must have Best Blender for Smoothies so that it break down particles and you will get fiber and other essential nutrients.

Last Conclusion!

The smoothie blenders which I have reviewed above all are highly demanded and top-selling brands ans considered as Best Blender for Smoothies. I do hope that now you must have an idea what type of blender you want and which blender brand will fulfill all your requirements.

Remember, making a smoothie is not a cup of tea for every blender. You need to have special blades and performance which give that perfect restaurant style smoothie texture. You need a Best Blender for Smoothies to get Quality end result.

If making a smoothie is in your daily routine so you should look for best blender for smoothies for personal blender like magic bullet or Oster my blend. These are the best blenders for smoothies. Otherwise, professional-grade countertop blender can also meet your requirement if you are not on a budget. We try out best to Cover maximum Blender so that you can make best choice from Best Blender for Smoothies.



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