There are so many people today trying to get their bodies in shape through workouts. One of the main reasons why people work out is to ensure that they are healthy and fit. However, truth be told, women prefer men with well-toned upper arms; this is the reason why a huge number of men are hitting the gym. But, as you train you will notice that proper exercises and diets are the key top factor of growth! So here you will get Back and Biceps Workout Guide for massive mass growth!

You can be assured of getting fellow men envious once you achieve the desired toned upper arm muscles. There are several upper arm muscle exercises that you can do such as curls. Good Back and bicep workout is something that has become so popular today, however, to ensure that it is effective; you have to follow the proper guidelines. Back and Biceps Workout

All the exercises that are mentioned below can be done in repetitions and sets as suggested. If you are beginner, you can choose one or two of these exercises to start with However, advanced individuals are encourages to do as many of these exercises as their bodies would allow. You should also ensure that you have at least three sets of eight repetitions each on a daily basis.

Top Back And Biceps Workout Exercises for Mass Growth

The Ordinary Curls

These are the most basic curls that can be performed in back and bicep workouts for mass. You do this by simply having the weight in your palm and elbows next to your body. You then bend the elbows and beginning curling the weights in the direction of your shoulders. You do not have to move your elbows during this exercise. You then return the weight in the opposite direction and repeat the action several times.

The Hammer Curls

This exercise is almost similar to the normal curls, the only difference being that your palms will be facing in instead of out (which is the case with normal curls). The routine will normally include more of the forearm than in the previous routine because when you turn your hands the routine becomes more difficult. In this case, you should consider using lesser weights for this routine.

The Concentration And Preacher Curls

These are curls that are a variation of the traditional and ordinary curls. You perform these routines by placing your arms at a certain angle to make the routine more difficult. This is the best back bicep workout especially when you are at an advanced level of muscle building.

When it comes to the back of your body, most of these routines are ideal when exercising the larger muscles including rhomboids and trapezius muscles. You can perform the routines the same way it is done for the upper arm muscles to work on your back.

Beginners are advised to choose one of the routines and perform two sets with twelve repetitions per set. The bicep and back workout has some simple routines that you can really benefit from.

The Rows

These routines work on both sides of the body including the upper arm muscles. The routine is performed by holding the downs and having the tips forward by about 45 degrees. You will have to contract the rear part of the body to be able to pull at the torso level.

The Pullovers And Flies

This routine can also be used when working on your chest. It is an ideal back and bicep workout. You should not try it out if you have any shoulder injuries because it involves both the high row and reverse fly exercises.

The Lower Rear Exercise

This is a routine that is meant for the erector spine and is performed while on the ground with hands placed at the back of the head. In this position, you should then lift your chest off the ground as high as possible. To increase the difficulty level of the exercise, you should also try lifting your legs at the same time

There are instances whereby after trying out all the above routines you still fail to notice any muscular gains. In this case, you should try changing your back and bicep workouts. This will not only improve your muscular gains but also bring an end to the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again without changes. You should try incorporating the following exercises to your back bicep workout and build more of that lean muscle mass.

Guillotine Curl

This can be considered as an ordinary curl but from a very different angle. In most of the bicep routines, your upper arms are usually parallel to your torso with the weight coming from your weight to the chest. The guillotine curl is different in that the upper arms are perpendicular to the torso and you will be curling the weights towards your body form a high cable.

When you perform this back and bicep workouts, you will be giving new simulation to your muscles therefore getting new results. You should have your workout gloves with you when performing this routine. You also have to attach a straight bar to the cable puller on the upper side.

You will then grab the bar using both your hands and get on the floor with your feet away from the pulley. Using your extended arms on the floor, you will curl the bar to your forehead while contracting your biceps and releasing.

Lying Dumbbell Curl

This is a back bicep workout that allows you to place all the stress on the bicep muscle as you lie on a bench. When you do this, your arms get a wider range of motion and your bicep muscle gets stronger contractions. You should start in a flat position on the bench using a light dumbbell in each of your hands. The arms should be placed towards the floor so that they become perpendicular to your torso. You can the curl the weights up your shoulder while contracting your biceps and then return to the original position. You should perform about three sets of this with ten repetitions each.

Reverse Grip Cable Curl

This back bicep workout involves simply switching the grip but brings a great change to the routine and immense gains. The curl ensures that the arms are under constant tension because the biceps and forearms are triggered by the cable.

It is crucial that you understand that success in any best back and bicep workout is in repetition and consistency.


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